Our company needs a brand

There is no doubt that at some time you have heard someone talking about their company’s brand or the lacking of their company brand. Unfortunately, most people think their company brand is comprised of their logo and the colors they use in their marketing materials.

Logo, colors and fonts do play a part in the company’s brand, but the true brand of a company goes to the root of the company’s values. It is best to uncover these values and do the hard work of finding out what makes your company unique before selecting colors and attempting to create a logo. The reason for this is simple. You will have those colors and logo for years to come…hopefully. Re-branding is costly. If you are in business for say three years and you decide at the end of those three years that your logo or your colors really don’t seem adequate or do not represent your company like you want them too, then you are in for a re-branding of your company.


Re-branding costs time, money and customer confusion
Re-design the logo, redo the website, redo every other piece of marketing material you have like invoices, estimates, etc. and then after you have spent thousands of dollars on those updates and changes, you will need to re-brand your company in your clients minds. Not a huge task if you are a small service based company and you actually know most of your important clients, but if you are medium to large company then your customers are going to feel strange when they see your new logo and colors. They’ll feel like they should know your company but to them it will feel like they are doing business with a stranger – definitely not what you want.

Do the hard work first…not later
Spend the extended time and money at the beginning when you start your business. Determine what core values your business will stand for and how you want your business to be perceived by your clients and also what it is that will separate you from your competition (you’ll need this ability to set yourself apart). When you truly understand these things then you will be in a much better spot to help your designer or branding professional create a brand for your company. If you simply want to hire a logo designer so you can have a logo and company colors so you can say your company has a brand – then I’d have to say “good luck”. That logo and those company colors that are simply chosen without much thought other than it looks good or feels right won’t stand the test of time.

The bottom line
Your logo and company colors are not brand. They are only a part of your brand and should be a reflection of the core values of your company.