Web Design Vancouver WA

Web Design Vancouver WA

When approaching a new website or a revamp of your current website you will need to make some decisions. Depending on your business goals you will be able to make the best decision for your business needs.

  • Do you want a fully customizable website that you can modify as your needs progress?
  • Do you only want a simple website that will be up in no time with limited cost and low ongoing maintenance needs?
  • Do you want a web developer, agency, or company that can handle your questions and handle your technical needs in an ongoing basis?
  • Do you want to do it yourself but have limited technical skills?

Depending on your answers to these questions you can determine if a custom website based on the WordPress content management system or use a website builder such as WIX. We would classify both as a content management system, but WordPress is completely customizable and your web developer or web design agency will have full control over all aspects of your website. If you are looking for simplicity then WIX may be the right choice for you but if you are interested in a website that you can customize to your hearts content we will be happy to help you with your WordPress website creation and implementation.

By the way, we do not handle WIX sites, but there are web designers, web developers and website companies that can handle the setup for you and help you along the way. Webitized specializes in WordPress based marketing websites, so if WIX is your choice then you can probably stop reading here. If WordPress is your choice then by all means we would love to help you with your new or remodeled website creation or conversion.

Custom WordPress Template Design

Many companies that create custom WordPress sites will use a page builder to do so. The top two page builders for WordPress design are Beaver Builder and Elementor. We have also seen WPBakery Page Builder is popular. At Webitized we do not use page builders for the creation of your website theme. If you purchase a customized theme, that theme will be built from scratch. This is to keep the page load speed FAST. Page builders have a tendency to slow the site down somewhat just because of the bulk of what they do and you do not want to use them for the Core Template. You can still use the page builders internally within your website template for individual page bodies, but don’t use it for the entire template or build the template around them. Your site will take a serious hit in speed and performance.

Website load time is essential to getting ranked high in Google. Search Engine Optimization and other factors are also critical for ranking high in the search engines but page load speed definitely plays a huge factor. Here at Webitized all of our WordPress sites will have a custom created theme that is responsive and mobile friendly and pleasant for your customer the end user.

Using pre-existing WordPress Templates

Depending on the client we may allow you to purchase a theme and help you integrate your website to that theme. We’ll first need to know the theme you wish to use and determine if the project will be right for us. Purchasing a per-created WordPress theme can save you some money up front, but if theme customizations are needed during the initial site creation or in the future, it will usually end up costing you more in the long run.

Every time the purchased theme has an update we will need to update your website and those updates can eat up valuable resources and marketing dollars that can usually be better spent elsewhere. Also, if you will require any major customizations to the template, those costs will add up. It is much faster and easier for us to manage and alter our custom created theme since we built the theme. Using a custom created WordPress theme for your site will be a better solution for future growth but we understand that if you are just starting out you may need to make a sacrifice and go with a pre-created WordePress theme or template and conserve your marketing dollars for the Content Creation and SEO investment of your marketing website.

WordPress Plugin Integrations

One advantage of using WordPress for your website is the vast amount of plugins that are available. Many of them are Free plugins. But don’t think that just because they are labeled as Free that they are actually Free. There is time and cost involved to implement and maintain these plugins. Page load speed can also become degraded and hindered when you have a ton of plugins running on your WordPress site.

The bottom line is that it’s great to have access to thousands of free and paid plugins but that doesn’t mean you should try to use every one of them. We can help you determine when to use the plugins and when not to.

Website Content Changes

Most of the time you can update your own website content but if more advanced edits are needed Webitized is here to help. We’ve had it happen that clients will attempt to update their own content and can make a mess out of things. Usually we can help get it back to the way it was and then help you get done whatever it is you wish to add or change. Normally you/we will have backups of the website so if push comes to shove, we can revert your website to the way it was before you made the edit. Our website maintenance program will ensure you have viable backups when needed. Most hosting companies also provide backups but they do not guarantee the backups or that they can revert your website to a previous time. Backups are often overlooked by many companies but they are crucial to sanity and peace of mind. Check out our maintenance packages to see what is right for your business.

Generate Leads with Your Website

You’ll want to make sure that you have a lead generator that ties in with an email marketing tool such as MailChimp. Your site visitors will rarely be ready to make an instant decision on purchasing your product or service and it is essential for you to offer them something so you can gain their contact information and then follow up and build your authority and credibility with them. Once they click away from your website they are usually gone forever. Thus getting them to engage with your site so you can build your creditability is essential. Webitized will help you understand how your competitors are generating leads via their websites and give you some options and suggestions for what might work best for your company (you may already have something in mind if you have previouosly done your homework on your competition).

The offering must be of significant value to your prospect. People no longer just give out their email addresses or contact information easily so there must be something of value to compel them. These lead generators are additional money and time to create, but they play an essential role in the growth and effectiveness of your sales funnel. See additional information on our strategy and methodology surrounding these Website Lead Generation Tools on this page. When you use Webitized to develop your website we’ll make sure you are aware of your options regarding these marketing tools. Every industry is different but each industry has its own significant ways to do this. If you have original ideas or content that would be of high value to your customers, you will definitely want to delve into this area and create your lead generator.

Once you have your lead generator created, we’ll help you ensure that there are adequate calls to action so it’s in your prospects face and they don’t miss it. Unobtrusive but obvious is the way to go in our opinion.