Website Maintenance Vancouver WA

Website Maintenance

You will need regular maitenance for your website regardless of the platform you use. This includes content updates, backups, minor additions and a plethora of other things such as adding new plugins, customizing plugins, etc.

Uptime Monitors

We will actively monitor your website and if we receive notification of the site being down we will check into it immediately and do whatever is necessary to bring the site back online as quickly as possible.

Routine Website Backups

Having a viable backup of your WordPress website is critical. If a mistake is made during editing something there is sometimes no way to recover other than recovering to a previous point in time. Or if your website gets hacked then having a backup to restore is ultimately the best solution. Cleanup is possible but there may be things left over after the cleanup that you don’t really want hanging around. Much better to just restore to a previous point in time and then find out where the security issue arose and deal with that immediately.

Better SEO with Routine Maintenance

Someone should be looking at and reviewing your content on a regular basis to ensure your SEO rankings are where they need to be. We usually include this type of maintenace in our monthly SEO plans but if you’re not one of our customers and just want us to take a look we’ll be happy to do that. Please check out our SEO offerings on our SEO page here.

WordPress Core and Plugin Maintenance

WordPress and its plugins need to be constantly updated or upgraded. You can get away with not upgrading for 6 months in most circumstances but to be secure, you should plan on updating every month or every two months at the minimum. Depending on the complexity of your WordPress site it can be problematic and this is the reason there are so many WP sites out there that are out of date. If you have customized plugins or things like that it becomes even more complex. WooCommerce sites…well…that is even more fun as many of the modules don’t play nicely with other plugins. We don’t recommend running a WordPress site with WooCommerce shopping cart but if you have one, we can still help.

Website Security Maintenance

Depending on your platform there may be specific security situations that need to be addressed as quickly as possible. Most of this is not a concern if you are doing regular maitenance updates, but if you have a VPS (virtual private server) or DV (dedicated virtual server) that you run your site on, then there will need to be updates performed on those systems also, and not just your website. On shared hosting those things are taken care of for you by the hosting provider.

Browser Update Issues

Sometimes certain browsers will make changes within the browser itself that causes your site to break. This is rare as long as your site is designed and created properly, but if it does happen then it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. A broken site is a red flag for your visitors.

Website Maintenance and Support

Webitized provides the support and guidance you need so you can sleep easy at night and not worry about your website. Give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll work with you to determine your website maintenance needs and see what we can do to help.

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