Website Lead Generation Vancouver WA

Website Lead Generation 

The website of your Vancouver, WA, business is your online storefront. This is where your potential customers go to learn more about you and your product and service offerings. Unless you are targeting an ultra-niche audience (and most of us are not!), you will be competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses in today’s crowded marketplace. 

If you are not using your website to get your visitors’ email addresses or contact information, then you are leaving money on the table. You must remember that most of your site visitors (even if they like what you do and what you offer) may not immediately be ready to purchase from you. They are most likely in the “investigative” stage of their research and also comparing competitors in your industry so they can make the most informed decision.

Lead Generation Whiteboard

As you know, when someone clicks away from your website, there is only about a 2% chance that they will return. In other words, once your visitor is gone, they are gone forever, and you missed out on a customer. This is why you cannot overlook the importance of website lead generation for your Vancouver, WA, business. Moreover, as your business grows, you receive an overwhelming amount of leads; some of them are organic, and some you get via paid search. Not having a team for lead generation will result in missed follow-ups and lead leakage.

If you are looking for website lead generation services in Vancouver, WA, we can help. At Webitized, our team of experts has years of experience and industry insight to responsibly centralize the entire process and help you in the lead capturing, qualification, distribution, and nurturing. We will also help you discern and distinguish between hot leads and cold leads. Armed with this knowledge, you will refrain from spending your time on cold leads. At the same time, it will be easier for you to convert your leads to loyal lasting customers. Partner with us and let our website lead generation services take your sales and growth to the next level.


Basic Lead Generation Tools All Websites Should Use

If you are thinking of spreadsheets and contact databases to help you keep track of your hard-earned leads, then you will suffer in the long run. Instead, you should utilize efficient lead capture tools so you can follow up with your leads and increase your trust and reputation with them. It is only once you have established your credibility that they will do business with you willingly.   

By automating the generation of hot leads, lead generation tools streamline and augment the entire process of lead capturing. They deliver the contact information and key lead data of your target audiences, reducing the time-intensive human efforts of manually collecting data.

The lead generation tools are beneficial for all industries regardless of the products they sell and the services they offer. Statistics have proven that all businesses, especially B2B businesses, have witnessed a higher conversion success ratio as the leads are pre-qualified even before they are received by the Sales team of a business. In other words, the leads generated through these tools are not just casual visitors who have stumbled on your website but are prospective buyers. 

Take a look at the basic lead generation tools and tips to ease the generation process.  

  • Make sure that your contact details (phone number and email) are prominent on your website. Don’t make your site visitors hunt for it.
  • Make sure your contact form is easy to find and use.
  • Utilize “Calls to Action” where and when appropriate in content.
  • Use an “exit pop-up” that displays when someone attempts to leave your site. Although pop-ups can be obtrusive, you might as well try them as a last resort strategy:
  • Make sure your web content does its best to speak to your prospects’ needs. Drop the technical jargon and just speak to your future customers like you would if they were standing right in front of you.
Prominent Phone Email Contact
Mailbox full of postal mail for lead generation for direct mail lead generation

Advanced Lead Generation Tools

These tools will take time and money to create, but once created, they usually pay for themselves for years to come. So, if at all possible, you should definitely look into creating one of these tools so you can capture your prospects’ email or contact information and have the chance to increase your trustworthiness. 

1. White Paper (downloadable)

You can create a white paper about your product, service, or industry. White papers are authoritative reports that solve the readers’ problems and answer their questions, to help them make a more informed decision. White papers are a witty lead generation tool because the readers have to enter their contact information before they can download the document. You can ask for your target audience’s specific information as per your business needs. The leads generated from white papers have higher chances of conversions since the people who download white papers are in the buying cycle already. 

2. Direct Mail 

Though Direct Mail has been at the forefront of advertising, it has been underutilized as a lead generation tool. Direct Mail can complement your otherwise incomplete marketing campaign when integrated with inbound and outbound lead generation strategies. This tool can be used to achieve many marketing goals, such as moving key target accounts down the sales funnel, introducing new leads to your company, and sending personalized invites to your business event.

Highly Advanced Lead Generation Tools

These tools can also take considerable time and cost to create and are usually reserved for larger companies that can afford them. However, for businesses, we always recommend the more cost-effective methods listed above.

Here are some higher level techniques:

  • Create an interactive tool
  • Use Lead Generation Forms in your Videos
  • Interview an expert in your industry
  • Start a community
  • Engage in cross-promotional activities with other companies
  • Publish your own research and findings
Interview an expert in your field

Lead Generation Summary

Regardless of the methods you use to generate new leads for your business in Vancouver, WA, you must do so. The source of leads for many companies is the time-tested referral method. After all, referrals are the best source you could ever have for obtaining a lead.

Even then, though, you should have your process in place for following up and nurturing your leads. Not everyone is going to be ready to do business with you immediately, and if you do not have a proper follow-up system in place, you will end up forgetting about them, and they will end up forgetting about you.

Professional Website Lead Generation Services in Vancouver, WA

If you are looking for a website lead generation company to give your Vancouver, WA, business a compelling online presence, get in touch with us today! With over 15 years of experience in the web industry, Webitized can help you enjoy a steady stream of qualified leads to improve your sales and expedite your scale. From setting up a contact form on your website to creating a whitepaper about your product and service offerings or industry, our team uses various strategies to help you generate new leads.

If you want to learn more about what Webitized can do for you, feel free to contact us online or give us a call at (360) 882-9120.