Web Content Creation SEO Vancouver WA

Writing Content for your Website and SEO

The web content creation for your website is going to be one of the most critical pieces of the overall effectiveness of your website. If your content and writing do not engage your prospect then it doesn’t matter how fancy your design is. As a matter of fact, we highly recommend spending less money on the design and putting those marketing dollars into creating great content the speaks directly to your reader and portrays your company brand effectively.

Web Content with a Purpose

What is the purpose of the content you are creating? Is it to increase the perception of your expertise? Is it to engage the prospect and get them to think about something? Regardless of the true reason, it should be focused and targeted with the reader in mind. We strive to write content that speaks directly to people just as we would speak to them in person. This isn’t as easy as having a conversation with someone, but in the end, the content and writing should do its best to speak to the concerns and ambitions of your customer just as if you’re right there speaking to them from across the table.

Don’t Forget about Search Engine Optimization factors of your writing

When writing your web content for your website one of the primary focuses will be to ensure it is optimized for the search engines. You can write until you’re blue in the face, but if the content isn’t going to help you get ranked in the search engines then you’re going to be missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity.

Coordinating your Content

Your business will have many different products or services and coordinating this can be a daunting task. We usually focus on the core business activities and company brand research to begin with and then expand individually on those as appropriate. Working on the most important pieces first will have the most impact and drive the most results.

If you have key areas of your business then plan on including those into your website content. If your customers always ask you about certain things then this is a great place to expand on your industry knowledge and increase your business reputation and expertise. Sometimes it should go into the core pages and sometimes it may be right for a blog post or article to address that specific area.

Expertise and Commitment

The owner, sales reps, or marketers within your business are usually the ones that have the most knowledge about your customers and what the customer wants or doesn’t want. Although you probably think your time is better spent elsewhere, you should be ready to provide your web development company with the resources they need to create the best content for your website. Without your help, they will not be able to hit the target you want them to hit.

There are no magical wands or bullets in this industry and it takes time and commitment on your part also. Your time and interaction is very important to help the writer create the original marketing content and then to keep it up to date by revising it by adding more details or creating new content to keep the site fresh and lively. So just remember that whoever you choose to create your website you should be ready to invest some of your own time. Good writers will be able to ask the difficult questions to you and your team so they can gain the insight they need about your company so they can create excellent content for your website.

The better the writer understands your company and business model, the better job they can do for you both now and in the future.