BrakeAway Products

WordPress with WooCommerce Shopping Cart

BrakeAway Products manufactures and sells motorcycle cruise controls. They have several different cruise controls that fit various bikes like Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Triumph to name a few.
Installation instructions and videos are important to support their customers as well as sell the actual product so the decision was made to put it in a prominent area so it is easily found. It was also made easy for people to be able to find a dealer if they wanted to purchase from their local dealer.

WordPress Mobile Friendly Website

The website is responsive and mobile friendly and was created using Beaver Builder for the theme creation of the site.

WooCommerce Shopping Cart

WordPress and WooCommerce are not the ideal solutions for large websites that have many products but in the case of BAP there are only a small number of products and they wanted to be able to manage all areas of the website in one administration area.

Bike Make and Model Selector

Most products fit different bike makes and models so it was important to have an easy way for customers to find the right products. We implemented a tool so customers could easily find the correct cruise control for their bike make and model.

Search Engine Optimization

They currently rank #1 on Google for Motorcycle Cruise Control but we are expanding on the Search Engine Optimization so they will be ranking high for many other terms people are searching for. We are also going to be considering some other marketing opportunities to increase sales which include revisiting their Social Media strategy and a few other things.