Website for International Buyers of US Products

OPAS is a package forwarding company that provides international consumers a US Mailbox. This allows people overseas to purchase products from US stores that do not ship internationally. They simply get their mailbox, purchase products from almost any US stores and ship to their US Address at OPAS.

After evaluating the types of clients OPAS has (regular consumers, business customers and also distributors). The website was designed to immediately allow the visitor to select the type of customer they are so they can dive right in and see what the company has to offer them for their specific needs.

WordPress Frontend

WordPress was chosen as the frontend marketing site for the redesign so they would be able to add and update content in an ongoing basis without the need to bring a web developer into every update. WordPress often needs updates for security purposes so maintenance is important and must be done.

Mobile Friendly

Now that Google has announced everything will be mobile first, it is imperative that websites have a responsive mobile design so they can easily be viewed on mobile devices. For OPAS we decided to use Generate Press theme and Elementor (a wordpress plugin that allows you to do theme type updates without needing advanced programming to make changes to pages or the layout).

Custom Coded PHP Member Area

There is also a custom php programmed account management for the customer so they can login and see what packages or mail items they have in their mailbox, create shipping requests, and manage their accounts.

Custom Coded PHP Administration Area

The OPAS admins have a backend administration area where they can manage shipping requests, receive items for customers, and various other things they need to do for the clients.
All areas have been a work in progress for several years now and we continue to improve not only on the website but also in the operations processes to make the experience as streamlined as possible for the clients.