Reclaimed Floors

Custom Designed Wood Flooring Website was a custom designed and custom programmed site. The primary focus of the site was to showcase the beautiful Reclaimed Flooring they install to high end homes. They manufacture their own Parquets and also acquire old beams for ceiling architecture and slabs they make into classic one of a kind tables and other things. There were many photos to consider and insert. The site started out to be a static website but later was moved to a database so customers could search for the products easier and so the site would be easier to maintain.

Search Engine Optimization

Providing content for almost all of the specific wood types and flooring was challenging but needed to be done to optimize searches for specific woods when people were searching for them on Google. We added installation techniques and other specifics to the site so people could actually see how they work and what to expect with a wood floor installation.

Request a Quote

It was also important for customers to be able to request a quote for their specific needs so an initial estimate could be put together and then a call could be made to the customer to ensure all of the needs were covered.